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Bricks & Stone Walling

Whether you need just the one pack of bricks or enough bricks to build a new house, we offer a wide selection of Bricks, Brick Specials and Stone Walling to suit any project.

Hanson Red Rustic

Here at A.W. Lumb we stock a wide range of bricks from a variety of manufacturers. All our bricks are listed here by manufacturer but if you know the name of the brick you require you may find it easier to use our 'Search' facility which is available at the top of each page. We also offer a brick matching service at our Dewsbury and Tamworth depots if you don't know the name of the brick you require. This service is further backed up by our Brick Library at the Dewsbury Depot which is basically a showroom of bricks for you to take your pick!!

We can supply Natural and Artificial Stone Walling in a variety of colours and styles at very competitive rates. Again, we can offer a stone matching service if you are not sure of the stone type you require.