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Catnic Steel Lintels

Steel lintels have been synonymous with the Catnic name for more than 40 years. Catnic offer first class steel lintels and stainless steel lintels to suit any size, shape, length, breadth and depth of doorway, archway, window or aperture. Catnic lintel design delivers excellent thermal performance and corrosion resistance due to a combination of key features.



The lintels are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel to BS EN10142: 2000 of Grade DX51D & Z275 with a black coloured polyester resin finish. The protection system complies fully with the chemical and physical test requirements outlined in Table 2 of BS 5977: Part 2: 1983 for lintels effectively having their own built-in Damp Proof Course (DPC).

Duplex Corrosion Protection System

Many Catnic lintels employ not just one but two methods of protection against corrosive attack: The unique, sophisticated Duplex Corrosion Protection system. This double method of protection gives Catnic lintels inherent benefits over those offered by other manufacturers using the more traditional pre or post-galvanised steel techniques. Both these processes rely on just a simple coating of zinc to provide cathodic protection. The zinc protects the steel but is itself liable to rust with aqueous alkaline solutions leaching from the building fabric and therefore corrode. The famous black coating makes Catnic lintels instantly recognisable and provides an effective barrier against moisture or chemical attack leached from the mortar and masonry.

Built-in Damp Proof Course

Many Catnic lintels offer a unique profile shape that combine with the unique Duplex Corrosion Protection or stainless steel to create an effective barrier that acts as a built-in DPC, meaning any water penetrating into the cavity autimatically transfers across the sloping face of the lintel and is disposed of externally. The ease of bricklaying directly onto a solid surface eliminates the risk of damage while installing, or any possibility of incorrectly installing a DPC membrane. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, clean-line finish above the window head that saves time and cost.

Integral Plaster Key

Many Catnic lintels come complete with an integral plaster key that avoid the hazards of working with a mesh key.

Continuous Insulation

Many Catnic lintels are supplied with CFC & HCFC free insulation maximising their thermal efficiency and compliance with Part L. The insulation is accurately shaped to optimise the thermal performance extending continuously along the full length of the lintel and cannot be dislodged, leaving no potential 'cold spots'.


Below is the Catnic Lintels Brochure along with the September 2013 price list.

Please give us a call for a competitive lintel quotation. Please note that we can offer a substantial discount off the price list below.



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