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IG Lintels

IG has a range of over 800 lintel types, varying from cavity wall lintels, single leaf, solid wall, timber frame and now the new Hi-Therm lintel. IG has developed a comprehensive range to suit your construction type. Designing lintels to suit varying cavity widths and wall thickness has given customers endless options to choose from. Whether you have a 50mm cavity or a 200mm cavity, a 140mm wide inner leaf or a 215mm wide outer leaf, IG has the lintel to suit.

  • IG's standard range of lintels are manufactured from high quality grade pre-galvanised mild steel to BS EN 10346: 2009 DX51D plus Z600 or grade Z275 to BS EN10025-2: 2004 with minimised spangle finish and a minimum yield stress of 250N/mm².
  • All IG standard lintels satisfy the thermal performance requirements of England and Wales' Part L of the Building Regulations, Northern Ireland's Part F and Scotland's Technical Handbook, section 6.
  • IG Lintels are insulated with expanded CFC free polystyrene and conform to BS 13163: 2008.
  • IG lintels are manufactured from high quality grade pre-galvanised mild steel with a zinc coating of 600 g/m² (including both sides). The "hot-dipped, pre-galvanising" process is carried out at the mill to ensure a more consistent quality of zinc coating. This guarantees a more effective anti-corrosive system. Furthermore pre-galvanised lintels are much more "environmentally friendly" than post galvanised lintels.

Special Lintels

Regarded as the best engineers in the lintel industry, IG's technical team have developed a comprehensive special lintel range for all your custom made designs. Corner lintels, Apex lintels, Circular Bays, and Arches are some of the unique lintel solutions IG offer for masonry support.

Stainless Steel Lintels

IG's full range of standard and special lintels are available in Stainless Steel. It is recommended that Stainless Steel is used in higher corrosion risk and sterile specific environments.


Below is the IG Lintels Brochure along with the April 2011 price list.

Please give us a call for a competitive lintel quotation. Please note that we can offer a substantial discount off the price list below.

IG Lintels - L1/S 100IG Lintels - L7/50 Timber FrameIG Lintels - Windpost