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A white liquid admixture used for a range of key coat preparations, bonding and waterproofing coat. 751 Lankolatex is designed as an additive to enhance a range of mortars to provide increased adhesion or bonding capabilities to a range of substrates or can be used as an additive to create a slurry coat which can be brush or trowel applied.

Fields of Application

  • Key coat for hydraulic, mineral render coatings and screeds and low absorption substrates
  • Assists with bonding applications for cement based coatings
  • To control suction on high absorption substrates such as lightweight aircrete blocks
  • Waterproof coatings for tanking, reservoirs, holding tanks and swimming pools
  • Bonding and waterproofing of plaster coatings
  • Apply to existing cement screeds as a slurry coat without the need for special surface preparations
  • Enhances screed for laying tiles
  • Use as a bonding agent when coating, re-profiling or reshaping mortar for patching areas such as damaged corners of concrete
  • Bonding mortar for repairing concrete (bridging mortar for construction joints)
  • Enhancing mortars for fixing/bonding prefabricated elements
  • Pointing and filling mortar for voided masonry joints, chimney stacks, or to form a mortar flashing
  • Repair of concrete floors.


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Parex 751 Lankolatex